The Social Network Producer Accused Of Violent "Unhinged" Outbursts
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Hollywood and Broadway producer, Scott Rudin, is being accused of violent and "unhinged" outbursts by several of his former staffers in a scathing exposé that was recently published. Some of Rudin's credits include The Social Network and No Country for Old Men, the latter of which he won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2008. Rudin has also won 17 Tony Awards for producing Broadway hits such as The Book of Mormon and Hello, Dolly! His latest project, The Woman in the Window starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, and Anthony Mackie, will be released on Netflix May 14th. For decades, Rudin's behavior has been well-documented and even celebrated by various news outlets. In 2010, a Rudin profile published by THR described his various acts of abuse and called him "dazzlingly charming.More...

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