How Supernatural’s Sirens Reference Disney (& What It Means)
104 0  2021-07-24 22:46:15
Supernatural season 4's Disney princess reference brings an amusing hidden meaning to the show's siren monster. Sam and Dean Winchester are no strangers to things that go bump in the night, but "Sex and Violence" sees one plucky siren almost get the better of The CW's hunter siblings. The duo first realize their services are required when multiple reports of men murdering their wives arise out of a single town. Sam and Dean quickly deduce the culprit is a siren - the creature from Greek mythology who would lure sailors to their deaths with their enticing songs and beautiful forms. Supernatural's siren is a little different. This abhorrent creature is capable of casting perfect illusions, allowing victims to experience their deepest desires before committing unspeakable acts of violence.More...

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