Dungeons & Dragons' Elemental Inner Planes, Explained
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The Dungeons & Dragons multiverse is composed of numerous planar realms that contain the building blocks of reality, as well as the afterlives that house the dead. D&D's four Inner Planes are also its elemental planes, which are needed to maintain the fabric of existence. D&D campaign settings exist on the Material Plane, the universe's equivalent of the "real," natural world. The Material Plane shares its space with two other planes: the Feywild and Shadowfell. The Feywild is the home of faeries and similar magical beasts, who commonly interact with mortals. Shadowfell is an all-black-and-white plane with landscape that can easily be altered by the will of powerful spellcasters. These three are surrounded by the Ethereal Plane, a mist-filled realm that keeps them separated from the Inner Planes.More...

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