Star Trek: Discovery: Dilithium Will Be Equivalent To MCU's Vibranium
98 0  2021-01-21 22:31:19
Star Trek: Discovery's dilithium will be the equivalent of the MCU's Vibranium, which played such a prominent role in Black Panther. The Star Trek franchise has always had a reputation for indulging in technobabble, but occasionally that pseudo-science becomes actually important to the story. Such was the case in Star Trek: Discovery season 3, when the USS Discovery arrived in the 32nd century, discovering a dystopian future in which the Federation struggled to continue because of a shortage of dilithium. A fictional crystalline mineral created by George Roddenberry himself, dilithium is the key to space travel in Star Trek. It is used in starship drives to regulate the matter/antimatter reactions that provide the energy necessary to warp through space and travel faster than light.More...

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