Mass Effect: How to Solve the Mira Core Puzzle
76 0  2021-02-23 19:46:15
The original Mass Effect is full of mini-games and small puzzles players will need to solve to get new loot or progress in the main story. In the original trilogy, mini-games changed over the course of the series and eventually disappeared altogether by Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition promises to unify mini-games somewhat. One puzzle in the original Mass Effect game was different from the others. When Shepard and their team enter Peak 15 on Noveria to chase down Matriarch Benezia, Liara's mother, they will need to activate the facility's power core and turn on the disabled Virtual Intelligence system. To reactivate the VI, they will need to use an elevator in the middle of the facility to bypass or solve a Tower of Hanoi puzzle.More...

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