Marvel Reveals The Most Savage Thor Ever, And It Isn't Odin's Son
72 0  2021-02-27 17:16:06
Warning: contains spoilers for Thor #12! Over the centuries, many people have wielded the power of Thor. From Jane Foster to Volstagg to Adam Aziz, those noble souls who have raised Mjolnir have been empowered with the abilities of the God of Thunder. But Marvel Comics just revealed which of these Thors was the most noble - and the most savage - to wear the mantle, and it turns out that while Odin's son has many fine qualities, it's not his name at the top of the list. No, Thor #12 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson reveals that honor goes to amphibian warrior Throg. Throg was created by legendary artist Walter Simonson during his epic run on Thor in the 1980s. Originally a human, Throg was transformed into a frog by a sorceress, taking the name Puddlegulp.More...

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