How Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Foreshadowed Future Sith Stories
88 0  2020-09-10 17:31:15
Refined and elegant, Star Wars' Sith evoke confident power in both the original films and prequels. While their lives are governed by suffering they never appear traumatized, each of them fighting and acting with utmost restraint. Even the great Sith Lord Palpatine barely moves during most of his battles, his bombastic bout with Yoda notwithstanding. The only Sith who appears visibly distressed, in either of Lucas' trilogies, is Anakin, and that is only when he falls in Revenge of The Sith. During his tenure as Darth Vader, Anakin never reveals his emotions, only raging when he murders incompetent subordinates (and that's appropriate conduct given the Empire's authoritarian strucutre). However, over time, the depiction of the Sith changed.More...

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