How Star Trek Fixed Neelix's Story Problem In Voyager Season 4
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The character of Neelix got off to a rocky start in popularity on Star Trek: Voyager, but season 4 marked a turning point for him - mostly due to another character's exit from the show. Star Trek: Voyager ran from 1995 to 2001, and followed the crew of the USS Voyager as they journeyed through the Delta Quadrant in an attempt to get home. Neelix was a Talaxian, a Delta Quadrant alien who joined Voyager's crew during the pilot episode along with his girlfriend, Kes. The two of them stayed with Voyager for most of their trip, although Kes left the ship at the beginning of the 4th season and Neelix departed in the 7th season just before Voyager found a way back to Earth. Neelix is remembered by fans for being a flamboyant character.More...

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